About us
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Asix Distribution Ltd

The company began its activity in the beginning of the 1990's. Its main profile is importing and
distributing world famous, high quality food-products on exclusive basis. The team of 50 employees
enables ASIX to grant natoinwide distribution for the brands in the portfolio. ASIX launched the
following brands on the market, and distributed until they set up either the production or own
distribution themselves.

The company's main focus in the region Budapest is to keep up with the demands of the strengthening
multinational companies and the national purchasing groups.

To ensure the smooth distribution in East Hungary, Asix besides supplying the priority partners
directly, utilises the local wholesalers and their contractual partners.
In West Hungary, in addition to the contractual partners supplied directly, the inflow of the goods to
the private sector is obtained by local wholesalers.

ASIX Ltd. prefers to contract all its partners centrally, as the network of area managers, sales
representatives, vansalers will provide smooth, on time deliveries of the ordered goods, and solve
everyday problems. Sales team of ASIX Ltd, 29 people exactly, provides nationwide distribution,
visiting 6000 direct sales points in weekly or bi-weekly shifts, including HORECA.

Our company's main policy is to work exclusively on the domestic market and to build up the brands
with the utmost attention, focus and respect.
According to the company's philosophy we provide the highest quality services to all our partners.